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Strategic Business Advisory

Value creation doesn't just happen...

The why of what...

Being involved with many businesses over 40+ years, we have consulted with and assisted many business owners and their advisors in understanding not only the value of a business but developing a deeper understanding of the “why of what they do.”

Recall Simon Sinek’s presentation of the Golden Circle: Why How What

We all know what we do, we also know How we do What we do, but do all of understand Why we do what we do.

Knowing the Why is the goal and we assist business owners in understanding the Why.

Developing a Deeper Understanding

We have three tools in our quiver:

While there is overlap across all three, they each have their respective strengths based on the needs of our client. They represent a progression of thought that is Customer Centric.

Let’s explore further:

Pivot for a moment to the beginning of Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle TED Presentation where he explains that Apple is just a computer company and presents their offer in this way:“We make great computers, they’re beautifully designed, simple to use and user friendly. Want to buy one?”

We know what they are selling, how they make the computer, but do we know why they sell the computer?

But Apply does not approach the sale in this way. Apple begins with Why:

“We believe in changing the status quo, thinking differently, we are challenged to make our products beautifully designed, simple to use and user friendly
Want to buy one?” 

The Why defines your purpose, but what did Apple recognize in its product development, the need for Customer Development. 

Steve Blank, in his revolutionary book “The Four Steps to the Epiphany” describes the need for Customer Development before Product Development – to that we add Service Development.

See the comparison of the traditional Product Centric Development process versus the Customer Centric Development process below:

Traditional Product Introduction

Business Plan

Product Development

Alpha/Beta Test

Launch/First Shipment

Customer Development

Customer Discovery

Customer Validation

Customer Creation

Company Building

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