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Ed Pratesi Managing Director

We help business owners with one of the most important decisions they will make – how can I transition my business?

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Selling Your Business in 2024


How to sell your business in 2024

Another year has passed and if you are like many business owners the decision to engage in a “Transition or Transaction” strategy may have eluded you…

After years of assisting business owners develop exit strategies or transition strategies for their business, we have realized that many businesses are either not saleable or not yet positioned for sale.

“Life Style” businesses, so called because the potential for a sale transaction is limited to buyers who are looking to buy a job, have fewer options – the hope that a buyer will drop the proverbial “suitcase of money” or hope that one of the employee(s) can step up to purchase or transition the business.

So, if you believe that your life’s work is important look at our “Rules for Sellers.”

Selling Your Business

  • Develop a buyer’s mentality and view your business from a buyer’s perspective.
  • Understand that buyers are interested in the future earnings capability of your company. Simply stated the cash flow or income should be both sustainable and transferable.
  • Develop a focus on cash flow not accounting or tax measures of income.
  • Develop an understanding of risk and reward. One of the mistakes most often made by owners is that investment capital is “cheap”.

Some Business Valuation Sage Advice:

Anyone not aware of the fool in the market is probably the fool in the market.
Warren Buffett

As Martin Shubik stated in his Laws of Long Range Planning:
– “Leave a little on the table for the dealer” (Las Vegas Version) or
– “Let Murphy have his drink” (New York Version).

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